Sunday, 18 August 2013

MP3 felt case

Well here I am again being naughty and not posting for two weeks....slaps wrist lol  I must admit though that I think I would post more often if I got more followers, so I must beg some people to join my blog 
lol xxx
It is time for a new challenge over at the very lovely That Craft Place Challenge Blog and the theme for this fortnight is ..Stitching real or faux...  The DT team has had some new members join so the family is now bigger and there is even more inspiration for all of you to get your minds going so you can whip up your own make to enter ;-)
Here is my make for the DT
All of the goodies I have used are from That Craft Place other than the two flowers, but they sell lots of gorgeous flowers you could use.  The felt is the best quality I have ever used.  It is much thicker that the cheap felt you can buy in a pack, it cuts well and sews lovely also.  I decided my MP3 player was well overdue a little case of it's own and the challenge theme gave me the perfect opportunity to make one for it.  I used blanket stitch for around the edge of the case to add my real stitching detail.  The flap secures with velcro and I sewed the cute flower button to the flowers to secure them.  The That Craft Place Facebook Shop Stocks the buttons in a beautiful mixed colour pack and felt in lots of colours as well.  Please feel free to join the FB shop page, as you will not find a friendlier craft shop online.  Also why not join the Natter and Chatter Facebook group where you can meet loads of like minded crafter's and get lots more inspiration from the DT and all the other very talented group members.  It is such a friendly group and you will love being a part of it xxx

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Monochrome challenge ;-)

New challenge time over at That Craft Place Challenge blog  The challenge theme for this fortnight is Monochrome and the Design Team have created a plethora of wonderful makes to inspire you and show you some wonderful colour schemes.  I have gone for hues of purple for mine and here is it
I made all of this from scratch myself.  I have used about 1/3 of a block of white & the same of purple Fimo soft, but you could use Sculpy or anything like that and there are lots of different types for sale at That Craft Place Facebook Shop  I have then mixed them together to create a marble effect (if I get any interest I can explain how to do this)  & shaped them into the Doughnut pendant.  I have the used a large pen lid to cut out the hole in the pendant before cooking and then cooked as per guidelines on the packet.  I have made the necklace myself by using a length of cord and 2 different ribbons which I have plaited together and I like the effect.  They have been secured together with cord/ribbon ends and had a chain and clasp added.  So I hope you like my make and that you will pop over to the blog to see all of the other DT creations and hopefully it will inspire you to enter yourself ;-)  

Sunday, 21 July 2013

It's a Girl thing challenge ;-)

Here's me with a new DT make for That Craft Place Challenge blog  The new challenge for this fortnight is ...It's a Girl thing xxx  So there are soooooo many things I could make for this, but I went for making a pretty jewellery set for my Mum to go with her outfit to go to a wedding and of course it had to have a matching hair comb lol xxx

I have only ever made one hair comb before so I am really chuffed with how this one looks, as I made it up as I went along.  I liked the necklace and bracelet set so much I was tempted to keep it, but couldn't leave my Mum without sparklies to wear at the wedding xxx  You can buy beautiful beads like these and findings as well from That Craft Place Facebook Shop Page
So please enter something into the lovely challenge as I am sure you can think of something Girly to enter.  
There is also a new Facebook group where you can share your gorgeous makes, look at other peoples and meet new crafty friends and chat.  Here is the link so please come and join us That Craft Place Natter and Chatter Facebook Group
Well until next time Happy Crafting and (((((HUGS)))))

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ribbon & Lace Challenge

What a lovely sunny weekend we are being treated to and week ahead by the sound of things as well, but I am not really here to talk about the weather ;-)
It is new challenge time over at That Craft Place Challenge Blog  The theme for this fortnights challenge is Ribbons & or Lace.  I came up with an idea and decided to use both for mine lol
I created a lace flower by using a 30cm length of lace, folding it in half and doing a running stitch along the bottom edge just above the fold.  I then pulled the thread to gather the lace together which created the flower and then sewed the ends together underneath and cast off.  To make the bracelet I decided to use organza ribbon with the end cut at a sharp angle which I threaded through the gorgeous glass lustre beads, then threaded a large eyed needle with the ribbon to thread it through the lace flower.  After that I added on more beads until it was the desired length.  Then trimmed the ends at softer angles to match each other and tied them into a bow.  The beads are free floating on the ribbon and it can of course be tied to be different sizes.  Anyway enough of my ramble :-)  I hope you like my make and that you will make something pretty to join in our challenge.  There is a new page for lots of inspiration and for you to share your own crafty makes made with That Craft Place goodies.  It is for chatting with like mided crafters as well so feel free to pop by and join the Facebook group That Craft Place Natter and Chatter  Look forward to seeing you over there where there are plenty of gorgeous makes to inspire you if your mojo has vanished.  (((((HUG))))) until next time xxx

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Only me ;-)  Hope you have all been having a lovely crafty time since I last posted and managed some gorgeous projects.  It is new challenge time over at That Craft Place Challenge Blog and the theme for the next 2 weeks is Flowers.  So the DT team have designed a wonderful collection of items to inspire you to take part.....there are even mouth watering cakes.

For my makes I decided to make a tie back for our new curtains with some of the lovely DK wool that That Craft Place Shop stocks which is gorgeous to use and work with.  They have lots of wonderful colours to choose from.
As you can see I have chosen to use natural colours as with the pattern on our curtains being leaves it just seemed right that the tie back was green and I wanted the flowers to look Summery and bright, but not over powering so I went for Daisy colours.  I am pretty pleased with how my first ever crochet tie back has turned out and it is in use every day on our door curtain xxx

I was so inspired by the theme of the challenge I just had to make something with beads as well.  The gorgeous focal flowers and twisted diamond beads I have used are from That Craft Place and the seed beads and crystal bicones are from my stash.  This is the first pair of barefoot sandals I have ever made and I really enjoyed it so there will be more.  I will be selling them so if you are interested feel free to leave me a comment or email me and I am sure I can offer lots of colour choices.....Not that I am too much of a bead hoarder......OK I am really lol xxx  So that is it for my makes for now, but please enter a flower make into the new challenge and don't forget to stop by That Craft Place Inspiration Blog as the lovely DT members are working on lots of new projects and tutorials for you for over the next few weeks so remember to keep checking back and comments on the projects are always welcomed and encouraged, thanks xxx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hi Peeps ;-)  Hope you have all been enjoying the sunny weather x
It is time for a new challenge over at That Craft Place Challenge Blog  The theme for this fortnight is Independence Day and here is my make
Made with beautiful glass pearls and findings from That Craft Place shop  Why not join us over at the challenge page and create something inspired by the theme.  It can be anything from paper craft to jewellery to wool or anything else you can think of.  Whatever you decide to make, enjoy yourself ;-)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Can't believe the last 2 weeks have gone by so quickly, but here I am again with a new challenge make for That Craft Place Challenge Blog  The new fortnights challenge theme is Dies & Punches.  So as I make my designs in wool or beads I had to think about this one and this is what I came up with

I decided to make different size hearts like you would get when using nested dies.  So I have crocheted 3 hearts using 2 strands of DK wool at the same time.  The darker colour is a gorgeous deep purple and I thought it would look great mixed with the pale pink.  It's it the first time I have tried it and I love the mixed swirly marbled type effect it gives.  I have also threaded 6mm acrylic bicone beads in mixed purples from the Purple Harmony pack to form a loop and then joined all the hearts together with them as well .  All items I have used are from That Craft Place shop or look for That Craft Place on Facebook where you can join the lovely group where you get to see and buy goodies as soon as they arrive.  Well I have plans to make lots and blog more, but whether I will actually get to it or not is another matter :-)  Please like/follow my blog as more liker's will mean I will blog more often xxx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cool Dude

New challenge time over at That Craft Place challenge Blog.  The theme for this fortnights challenge is Make For A Man.  So all us crafter's know how difficult it is to make for a man whether it is a card or whatever, but people do say that Men can be big kids and I think that this is true in all of us.  So as this little chap is so cute and adults love him as much as children I thought he would be the perfect fun make for a Man.   

and I couldn't resist sitting him on a Birdbath like in the original advert lol xxx

I designed his crochet pattern myself as I went along and used lovely DK wool and great quality felt from That Craft Place Shop.  The felt is lovely thick quality, but easy to cut as well ;-)  So this is my crafty DT make to hopefully inspire you to enter the challenge xxx  Hopefully see you over at That Craft Place Inspiration Blog, the DT team has put some wonderful posts on of their gorgeous makes and there are lots of photograph tutorials as well.  

Please feel free to become a follower of my blog, as I have lots of pictures to add of makes old and new.  I am a bit slow at popping things on due to trying to unpack loads of boxes still ....lots to go....sadly hehehe xxx

Sunday, 28 April 2013

A little something sweet

I fancied making something a little different which has happily coincided with the new challenge over at That Craft Place Challenge Blog.  The theme of the new challenge is to make an Altered Item.  So I for my DT make I have made a Doughnut made from wool and then decided to turn it into a pin cushion ;-)

I used DK wool to make the base and the topping.  I then stuffed the doughnut with toy stuffing, glued on the top for a smooth looking edge and popped in some pins with colored ends from a pinwheel to act as sugar sprinkles.  All the goodies are from the lovely That Craft Place Shop.  If you do not have time to make something for the challenge why not stop by and look at all of the other wonderful entries for some inspiration anyway.  Remember there are always wonderful and regular projects being popped onto the Inspiration Blog that even I enjoy learning from and I am sure you all will too.  (((((HUGS))))) to you all xxx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I know I have not put anything on since my last DT piece, but I blame it on decorating and lots of boxes to sort out hehehe

This fortnights challenge over at That Craft Place Challenge Blog is to make a card/project for a Child.  So I decided that I wanted to make a comfort blanket with a toy attached.  So I set about making this cute little fellow which I made up as I went along.

He is made with goodies from That Craft Place Shop.  The wool is Hayfield baby changes DK made by Sirdar.  The colour phase effect is great to work with and you can see how lovely the effect of the wool develops as you use it ;-)  I designed my own little owl as I went along as I wanted it to be thin depth wise for a toddler to hold.  I edged the square with brown DK to add it to the square as well as on the top with the Owl as I wanted to tie the colour into the design.  The eyes are made from white felt secured with fabric glue and black safety eyes.  The square is a traditional granny square and measures about 10" across.  
Please feel free to enter your own make for a Child on the challenge blog and I will look forward to seeing your creations.  In the meantime if you feel that you are ever lacking inspiration or would just love to look at some gorgeous crafty creations please pop over to the DT's Inspiration Blog.  There are regular crafty makes posted and tutorials for you to enjoy xxx

Sunday, 31 March 2013

So here I am again after not blogging for more than a week, but better late than never.
I have been working on my DT piece for the new Animal themed challenge on That Craft Place Challenge Blog  I decided that I would like to design my own Bunny with the start of this challenge falling at Easter, but I wanted to make one with a little bit of a twist and also with a quirky  cuteness ;-)  So here he is ...
My Easter Egg Shaped Bunny
I made him up and crocheted him as I went along and I am really pleased with how he has turned out.  I used some gorgeous chunky cream wool flecked with black and brown, and white, brown and black DK wools all from That Craft Place Shop.  Hope you will hop-along (pardon the Bunny pun) to the challenge blog to enter an Animal make of your own.  There are loads of beautiful design team makes on there to inspire you xxx

P.S.  If you feel like you need some Eggstra inspiration for all kinds different projects feel free to hop over to That Craft Place Inspiration Blog for  lots of beautiful ideas and projects.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

OK so time for my first ever DT make for That Craft Place Challenge Blog (Not that I am at all scared to be amongst such a talented bunch of DT designers ;-)  The theme this fortnight is Wedding

My creation is homemade wedding cake decorations

I really enjoyed this theme.  I used artificial flowers for the bouquet and must have done a good job as the photographer sniffed them and said mmmm they smell lovely hahaha  I must admit I bought a couple of cheap white decorated cake bases (which were delicious).  I then decorated them with lilac ribbon and lilac Butterfly embellishments which I embellished with gems so they sparkled as they floated up the front of the cake.  The cake topper is made with feathers & Butterflies.  All goodies used are available from That Craft Place shop  There is also a Facebook page that you can join for the shop to see all the latest goodies as they arrive.  
Love and (((((HUGS))))) until next time Caroline xxx 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Naughty me........Not blogged for a little while, but got so much going on with decorating at the mo and lots of other things........ I hope to get to blog more often though and must make a point of smacking my hands if I do not blog at least once a week lol xxx

OK so my latest offerings for you are the cards I made for Mother's day.  I first have to tell you that I do not own any fancy gadgets or gizmos for cutting files out to use and about as fancy as I get is a punch and some promarkers when I get to use them.  I am lucky that some of my crafty friends send me die cuts to use though.  I also enjoy making clean, crisp cards....although I admire all styles of card making and envy some peoples talents of complicated designs xxx

This is the card I made for my Very Special Mum xxx  She loves flowers, light pretty colours & of course cute Bears....well who doesn't if we all admit it ;-)

and this is the one I made for my Very lovely Mother in law who likes to get in her garden at any opportunity she can so I thought this image was ideal

I love the pretty butterflies I have used which were sent to me in raks.  I have recently been crocheting small flower embellishments so I added one to each of these cards.  Well, until next time xxx

Sunday, 3 March 2013

TIME to show you some sparkles

I thought it was about time I popped some of my makes on for you to look at.  So I have decided to start off with some of my sparkly watch makes ;-)

I always seem to get lots of really lovely comments about the watches I make and I enjoy  creating designs that are a bit different to the normal charm watches that can be bought.  Hope you like them xxx

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Exciting news...........As of yesterday I have my first ever DT position.  I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited and will be contributing makes of crochet, polymer clay and at a later date jewellery makes once jewellery items have been added to the vast array of crafty stock at That Craft Place Shop .  I know I will love working with all of the talented DT Ladies over at the That Craft Place Challenge Blog and I just hope that my work will meet their amazing standards ;-)  I will pop some sample pics on of the type of items I usually make over the weekend for you all to peek at.  Until next time (((((HUGS))))) and much excited smiling whilst typing xxx

Friday, 22 February 2013

Crochet Sat Nav Cover

Well our sat nav was sitting homeless and getting dusty so I decided it needed a nice case to keep it warm, cosy and dust and scratch free ;-)  I made it in manly colours so Hubbie wouldn't feel silly when he uses it....Didn't think he would look right with a crochet object covered in bows...although he loves all colours.

I was helped to make this by a lovely free pattern at   I made this pattern in a bigger version so it would make a large enough case for the Sat Nav and I am really chuffed with how it turned out

Thursday, 21 February 2013

New to blogging

Welcome to my blog ;-)  This is my first time ever having a blog and I am quite confused at the moment lol  Sure I will soon suss it out though and be able to post my makes to share with you xxx