Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ribbon & Lace Challenge

What a lovely sunny weekend we are being treated to and week ahead by the sound of things as well, but I am not really here to talk about the weather ;-)
It is new challenge time over at That Craft Place Challenge Blog  The theme for this fortnights challenge is Ribbons & or Lace.  I came up with an idea and decided to use both for mine lol
I created a lace flower by using a 30cm length of lace, folding it in half and doing a running stitch along the bottom edge just above the fold.  I then pulled the thread to gather the lace together which created the flower and then sewed the ends together underneath and cast off.  To make the bracelet I decided to use organza ribbon with the end cut at a sharp angle which I threaded through the gorgeous glass lustre beads, then threaded a large eyed needle with the ribbon to thread it through the lace flower.  After that I added on more beads until it was the desired length.  Then trimmed the ends at softer angles to match each other and tied them into a bow.  The beads are free floating on the ribbon and it can of course be tied to be different sizes.  Anyway enough of my ramble :-)  I hope you like my make and that you will make something pretty to join in our challenge.  There is a new page for lots of inspiration and for you to share your own crafty makes made with That Craft Place goodies.  It is for chatting with like mided crafters as well so feel free to pop by and join the Facebook group That Craft Place Natter and Chatter  Look forward to seeing you over there where there are plenty of gorgeous makes to inspire you if your mojo has vanished.  (((((HUG))))) until next time xxx

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